Charles “Chick” Babcock Recognized for 20 Years of Distinguished Service

Charles "Chick" BabcockJanuary 1, 2010

CAMP HILL, Penn. - CCJM is pleased to recognize Mr. Charles “Chick” Babcock for his 20 years of distinguished service in the Camp Hill Office of CCJM. Mr. Babcock has over 28 years of experience in all aspects of bridge and highway design projects and has proven his project management and technical skills on scores of projects. In bridge design alone, he designed 17 reinforced concrete bridges in Ethiopia; two steel girder bridges in Zambia, and six prestressed concrete bridges in  Nigeria. Domestically, he has been engineer‐of‐record for more than 60 bridges, culverts and retaining walls in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Structures have been designed of timber, steel, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete.

Over the same period, Mr. Babcock has honed his expertise in bridge inspection, load rating analysis, bridge design and project management. He has reviewed more than 8,000 inspections, performed more than 1,900 inspections and rated more than 550 bridges in the Mid‐Atlantic region. He has been assigned as an expert by both the World Bank and USAID. He has inspected and analyzed fixed and movable bridges of every conceivable construction type in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Nebraska as well as Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Mr. Babcock has been serving as Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer for CCJM since 2002.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in 10 states.

In the attached picture Amar Bhajandas, Director of Project Development, presents the service award on behalf of CCJM.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and compliment you for your achievements in over twenty years of dedicated service. Your efforts in the motivation, management and growth of the Camp Hill group have been exceptional. I would especially like to point out your emphasis on quality control. You have been able to respond in an appropriate and timely manner to resolve conflicts and concerns in delivering our services to our clients. Your contribution to the Transportation group has been significant; along with your willingness to help other groups within the company. All of us at CCJM continue to be indebted for your ability and efforts to control costs and find new ways to improve our operations and quality of work and profitability. Please accept my personal appreciation for your extra efforts and devotion to your work and your group.

S. Kumar Malhotra, PhD
CCJM Board Chair