Rancho Verde: Home of Christy Webber Landscapes

Location: Chicago, IL

Architect: Farr Associates

Rancho VerdeRancho VerdeRancho VerdeThe MEP design by CCJM incorporates several sustainable ideas.

The use of small individual geothermal heat pumps to feed an underfloor air distribution system helps provide the benefits of displacement ventilation at low costs. The efficiency of this is further enhanced by injecting heat into the water loop from a solar hot water system which also provides all of the buildings domestic hot water needs and part of the heating in the storage building. The storage building also incorporates a unique “Solar Wall” technology to meet the heating requirements of that space. A dedicated outside air system carefully monitors and supplies the required fresh air quantities to the space with optimal energy use.

Sustainable Features:

  • Displacement and Demand Control Ventilation System
  • Wind Turbine
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Underfloor Air Distribution System
  • Solar Heating Coils/ Solar Wall
  • Storm Water Collection and Re-use


  • Rated LEED-NC Platinum