ABN AMRO Disaster Recovery Center

Location: Naperville, IL

Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz

ABN AMRO Disaster Recovery CenterABN AMRO Disaster Recovery CenterABN AMRO Disaster Recovery CenterABN AMRO hired CCJM to design the MEP/FP and IT systems for the renovation of an existing 150,000 sq. ft. site to house 1500 employees in the event of a disaster.

The Site uses Tellab Data Center space dedicated to ABN AMRO computer room with backup generators, UPS system at 45 watts per sq. ft., 27 communications racks, telephone switches, overhead wire racks, server racks, packaged air conditioning units with redundancy and a clean agent system. The site is a combination data center and call center with infrastructure to support a 24/7 operation with zero tolerance for failure during disaster. No mean time to recover is acceptable. Given the density of the workstation layout and special requirements for disaster recovery, CCJM designed HVAC and new electrical service not only to meet the load demand, but to ensure redundancy and reliability.