Licking Creek Bridge

Location: Fulton County, PA

Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Licking Creek bridgeLicking Creek bridgeCCJM replaced the two span SR 522 Bridge over Licking Creek with a 100 ft single span pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge.

CCJM demonstrated the capacity of PennDOT’s BRADD III bridge design application for bridges with variable beam spacing. Additionally, we conceptualized provision of a riparian corridor without adversely affecting the waterway hydraulics through careful attention to structural design. The project included half-width construction with temporary signalization, intersection improvements, wetlands avoidance, Post-Construction Stormwater Management, and all necessary permits.

“Chick Babcock and Rudy Coringrato did a good job of keeping this project moving and delivering a quality Design Field View submission. They provided a project footprint that minimized the environmental impacts, which enabled the Environmental Clearance to be approved in a timely manner. The consultant team also coordinated very well with the Fulton County Conservation District during the NPDES permit process”.

William Ratchford, PE
Project Manager
PennDOT, District 9-0