Reedy Road Relocation

Location: Berks County, PA

Owner: Township of Spring

Reedy Road RelocationEvans Mill Road BridgeWhen CCJM was asked to design a new bridge over Cacoosing Creek adjacent to a public park and in an environmentally sensitive area the solution saved millions of dollars and years of disruptive construction. The low-impact solution involved relocating/widening of about 2,500 feet of Reedy and Evans Mill Roads coupled with a new 72 ft. single-span spread box beam over the Cacoosing Creek.

Careful planning in design and construction scheduling enabled avoidance of impact to the Cacoosing Valley Rural Historic District, a public park, a naturally reproducing trout population, a protected Great Blue Heron rookery and several wetlands.

Fishing access to the creek was improved to accommodate those with disabilities.

The new Evans Hill Road Bridge over Cacoosing Creek was designed with context-sensitive architectural treatment due to its unique location.

Environmental Documentation included the preparation of a state-level Section 4(f) Evaluation, an Agricultural Lands Report, wetland identification and delineation, and a Categorical Exclusion Evaluation under NEPA. Project development required archaeological survey, highway design, traffic control plans, field surveys and right-of-way, erosion and sediment control plan and drainage, hydrology and hydraulics with Joint Application Permit, utility coordination and relocation, and environmental studies including cultural resources, wetlands, and categorical exclusion.

The project also involved the rebuilding of a stone retaining wall along Evans Hill Road; the installation of stormwater facilities, including catch and detention basins; and the construction of walking/bicycling paths and a fishing pier. The initial construction phase was delayed three months because of a great blue heron population nesting at the site of the realignment. Once the hatchlings were mature enough to leave the nests, the project commenced. The township reports that the construction did not seem to disturb the herons, which nested in greater numbers during the second construction season.

Working with the Berks County Conservation District, the PA Game Commission, PA Department of Environmental Protection and the PA Fish and Boat Commission, CCJM and the Contractor advanced the project and met all environmental constraints.

“Mr. Charles G. Babcock, PE has successfully guided the Township through a Section 2002 Environmental Evaluation, Design Engineering, Construction Contractor procurement, coordination with the Township, PENNDOT, Game Commission, Soil Conservation District and other agencies…The Township of Spring has benefited from CCJM’s participation in this project and we would look favorably on their interest in future projects in the Township.”

Jeri Diesinger
Director of Engineering Services
Township of Spring