Statewide NBIS Quality Assurance Bridge Inspection Program

Location: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Client: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

NBIS Quality AssuranceNBIS Quality Assurance Scour AssessmentCCJM provided a statewide review of quality of the PennDOT Bridge Inspection Program through the inspection, analysis, posting, maintenance and scour evaluation of a sample population of structures, both State and Local, recently completed by the Department and its Consultants.

The project encompassed the entire state of Pennsylvania, both state and local structures, and performed reviews on 345 bridges annually for 7 years. Approximately 1,380 bridges were inspected and 940 underwent a detailed, independent QA Load Rating Evaluation. In addition, an estimated 480 bridges were scheduled for load capacity evaluations.

The project included the quantitative analysis of quality for the National Bridge Inspection Standards through in-depth investigation of statistically relevant sample populations of bridge inspections, load ratings and records. Specific and systemic anomalies were evaluated and program revisions were recommended. Project included continuous updating of SI&A (BMS) Coding Manual, Statewide Quality Assurance Manual and development of the Scour Assessment Training Manual. This project included two consecutive contracts.

The investigation included complete hands-on inspections, completion of Department and FHWA mandated forms, independent structural analysis, reviews of Department records, development of statistical conformance to standards and recommendations for system improvements. Responsibilities included field inspections, analyses and reporting.