General Services Administration Federal Building

Location: 536 South Clark, Chicago, IL

Client: Madison Services

GSA 536 South ClarkGSA 536 South ClarkGSA 536 South ClarkThis 95-year-old former Rand McNally printing house and globe factory, acquired by the federal government in 1952, underwent a $65 million renovation by GSA completed in 2006. 

The project remodeled the building as the new Chicago home of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), creating an enclosed light court, modernized public reception areas, and a separate entrance on 101 W. Congress Parkway for DHS employees and visitors.

President Obama’s 2009 Recovery Act, allowed GSA to then re-commission the building towards specific energy reduction goals.

This design-build lighting controls and HVAC upgrade project addressed and resolved functionality issues associated with the secondary HVAC air distribution system between the basement floor and floors 1 through 7, including modifications to the BAS system.