Back-up Data Center and Emergency Generator Installation

Location: Evanston, IL

Client: City of Evanston

Evanston Back-up Data Center and Emergency GeneratorEvanston Back-up Data Center and Emergency GeneratorEvanston Back-up Data Center and Emergency GeneratorIn order to provide the City of Evanston with reliable computer service,  an upgrade to existing systems was planned.  CCJM was hired to provide performance guaranteed Mechanical, Electrical and Telecommunications Design for the installation of a Back-up Data Center and Emergency Generator.

The Back-up Data Center is the Critical Core Unit for the city’s 911 Center and the Facilities Management Department. CCJM’s scope included a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the existing Fleet Service Center to house the Emergency Generator.

The Service Center consists of four interrelated building wings.  This building houses the city of Evanston Public Works Department including Fleet Services, Machine Shop, Paint Shop and Facilities Management Department. The heating system consists of a combination of two boilers, perimeter radiant heat, air handlers with heating coils, radiant systems and direct fired gas heating.

CCJM’s design included performance guarantee for the support center to provide 24/7/365 day, 99.99999% uptime with the least amount of mean time between failures. Our design also included a 750KW emergency generator for long term outages buffered by a 15 minute uninterruptible power supply system for seamless transition of services supporting the City of Evanston’s nerve center.

CCJM upgraded the Fleet Service Center ventilation system and provided review of power and mechanical systems. The exhaust duct was combined with boiler exhaust at the Fleet Service Center.  The generator fueling system consisted of double-wall, fiberglass underground storage tanks for diesel fuel.