CHA Housing for the Elderly

Location: Chicago, IL

Owner: Chicago Housing Authority

CHA Senior HousingComprehensive modernization program at two Chicago Housing Authority Senior Housing Sites.

This included finishing and infrastructural improvements of tenant and common areas and site and installation of ADA units and common area enhancements at Sullivan Apartments, 22-story, 240,000 sq. ft residential high-rise housing 400 residents and Las Americas Apartments, 9-story, 95,000 sq. ft. residential high-rise housing 200 residents.

Our work included a exhaustive site investigation, followed by a complete renovation of all MEP systems including new controls, upgrade to mechanical HVAC systems and complete upgrades to electrical service and distribution systems. The work also included a new domestic water booster system and new custom through-wall air conditioners.  CCJM also designed a new bus riser and new main distribution with new 500 kW emergency back-up generators.