Ludeman Developmental Center

Location: Park Forest, IL

Owner: Illinois Capital Development Board

Ludeman Developmental CenterLudeman Developmental CenterLudeman Developmental CenterThe Illinois State-operated Elisabeth Ludeman Developmental Center is a residential program serving people with developmental disabilities who have severe medical and/or behavioral needs.

The Center has fifty-two 2,700 sq. ft. single family homes, each on 1/3 acre of land. Each house has four bedrooms, dining/activity area, kitchen and several bath/shower and toilet rooms. CCJM provided consulting engineering services to determine heating/cooling deficiencies for the State’s developmentally disabled living at this residential facility. Our scope included a detailed analysis and recommendations report, followed by remediation.

  • Study HVAC deficiencies in each unit.
  • Study Fire and Life Safety deficiencies to meet code requirements.
  • Provide engineering to upgrade the HVAC systems, including adding a mechanical room to each house, adding 65,000 btu/h furnace to each house with associated electrical and substantially replace the existing ductwork.
  • Provide professional asbestos related services including Asbestos Inspection, Design, Management and Laboratory services.
  • Provide full-time, onsite Construction Observation.
  • Meet Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines.
  • Provide construction phasing to minimize discomfort of the people in need of the most help.