Municipal Code Compliance Reviews

Client: City of Chicago Department of Construction and Permits (DCAP)

Chicago Code Compliance ReviewsThe City of Chicago, Department of Buildings decided to outsource its developer services permit review process by engaging professional architectural and engineering firms to act as agents of the City. This ensures a thorough, professional and more dependable and timely review process.

CCJM provides professional Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing review of projects submitted for permit. Each project is reviewed with strict adherence to national and local codes. Projects have ranged from the simple to the complex across all occupancy classifications and types of construction. Our wide exposure and expertise allows us to provide impartial and comprehensive plan reviews clearly indicating the building classification and documenting noted deficiencies. Our Plan Review Reports are written to provide the Building Official, and design team, with a clear and concise understanding of the issues. Comments from each discipline are grouped together for easy reference and each comment references a specific item in the plans or specifications as well as the Code reference.

The use of specific project management software, such as Buzzsaw and Hansen, are routinely utilized for Chicago DCAP reviews.

CCJM also provides Green Permit Reviews. The Green Permit Review Process was developed to provide an expedited permit process for projects that incorporate sustainable building strategies.  Projects accepted into the Green Permit Program can receive permits in less than 30 business days or in as little as 15 business days.  The number of green building elements included in the project plans and project complexity determines the length of the timeline.  The more green building elements, the shorter the timeline to obtain a permit. CCJM provides these green permit reviews for projects of varied type and complexity.