Provident Hospital Mechanical/Electrical Upgrades

Location: Chicago, IL

Architect: STV Incorporated

Provident HospitalThis hospital has the proud distinction of performing the very first successful open heart surgery. As a community teaching hospital, it meets community healthcare needs including primary, specialized, emergency, same-day surgery, maternity, family practice, and critical care services.

Provident Hospital’s emergency room is the third busiest in Chicago, serving more than 50,000 persons per year. A predominantly female staff of physicians and nurse midwives deliver more than 900 babies a year, many of whom continue to receive care at the Southside Children’s Center as they grow.

CCJM is providing design services for upgrades to the hospital’s Air Conditioning System, Emergency Power System and Emergency Duress Call Systems. This includes complete replacement of the existing emergency power automatic transfer switches and new boiler heating system.

Critical functions of the hospital will require minimum interruption.