On-Call Erosion Control and Stormwater Management

Client: Baltimore Department of Public Works

Gwynns Falls Watershed, MarylandCCJM completed this on-call erosion and sediment control stormwater management design services contract for the Baltimore Department of Public Works (DPW).

The scope of work included supplying engineering services for the restoration of streams, controlling stream bank erosion, providing stormwater management design services, and providing additional miscellaneous civil engineering design services.

CCJM brought a unique perspective to this project, as one of the pioneers in the use of the Rosgen stream classification method in Maryland. As a stream channel is typically in a state of dynamic equilibrium, the Rosgen methodology uses relationships between stream flow and channel geometry in the design of stream channels to increase stability. Deposition of suspended sediment may occur during low flows, and erosion and scour may occur during storm flows, yet in the absence of permanent changes in the watershed, the channel is stable in the sense that the average channel width and depth are constant over a long period of time.

However, CCJM staff also recognizes the limitations of the Rosgen methodology. Particularly in urban areas, there are situations where dynamic equilibrium is inappropriate. Bridge piers, culverts, and roads, for example, cannot be allowed to erode and fail. More traditional engineering erosion control methodologies must be used in these situations. CCJM used both approaches on this contract.

The following projects were performed under this contract:

  • Emergency Design of the Replacement of Underground Storage Tanks at the Sisson Street and Reedbird Maintenance Yards for the Bureau of Solid Waste.
  • Phase II Environmental Assessment of the Cold Spring Brook Landfill
  • Geotechnical review of the plans for the Federal Hill Landslide Slope Stabilization Project.
  • Preliminary Restoration Plan for Dead Run and Maiden’s Choice as part of the Gwynns Falls Watershed Plan.
  • Plan Preparation for Removal of Bridge in Holabird Industrial Park.
  • Revision of Baltimore City erosion and sediment control and stormwater management ordinances and manuals.
  • Update of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for nine City fueling substations
  • Reviewing Plans and Specifications for Compliance with Erosion and Sediment Control/Stormwater Management Regulations
  • Design of Upgrade to Flood Warning System
  • Design of three Water Quality Sampling Stations
  • Post Design Services for Flood Warning System upgrade and Water Quality Sampling Stations
  • Additional Revisions to new Stormwater Design Manual and Sediment Control Manual
  • Stormwater Management Pollution Prevention Plan Implementation at the Central Garage, Mechanic Shop and two other fueling substations