CCJM: LEED Gold Chicago Office

Location: Chicago, IL

Architect: Fitzgerald Earles Architects and Associates

Two North Riverside PlazaThe CCJM Office project is a 3,800 square foot renovation on the tenth floor of the historic Two North Riverside Building in Chicago, IL that is rated Gold under LEED 2009 Commercial Interiors.

The space includes open and private offices, conference room, breakroom and reception area. The project team used the integrated design process to analyze materials and systems that were both sustainable and programmatically appropriate for the office design. CCJM had a strong desire to outwardly express its commitment to environmental responsibility by using design concepts with broader applicability to future projects and clients. This included selecting state of the art wireless controllers throughout and LED light fixtures in selected spaces and LED task lights for most open office occupants.

A major point in determining our new office space was proximity to the nexus of public transit in the City of Chicago. Two North Riverside is directly connected to two of the RTA’s Metra train stations, as well as acting as a bus transit hub in the Loop. The building is in a densely developed urban area within walking distance to public amenities including restaurants, banks, churches, retail stores, water taxis and other services.

Project Team

Owner: CCJM
Architect: Fitzgerald Earles Architects and Associates
General Contractor: G3 Construction Group, Inc.
Engineer: CCJM
Lighting Manufacturers: Focal Point, LLC. Lightolier, Inc., Lunera Lighting, Inc., and Tech-Lighting.

Project Address

Two North Riverside Plaza, Suite 1050
Chicago, IL 60606-2600
Main: 312-669-0609
Fax: 312-669-0525

Project Highlights

  • The space plan maximized occupant access to windows to provide daylighting. The open floor plan allows the daylight to reach deep into all of the office.
  • The office has very low lighting power density (0.75 W/sf) for an office. The general lighting consists of direct/indirect Focal Point Verve IV light fixtures which provide a uniform level of illumination through the space. Our reception area, selected offices and conference rooms include recessed LED fixtures controlled by low voltage dimming controllers.
  • Each workstation and desk includes a task light to provide the occupant with an optimal level of illumination at their work surface.
  • Local controls in each space allow for multi-stepped switching.
  • Occupancy sensors turn the lights off when the space is unoccupied. CCJM installed new wireless occupancy and photometric dimming sensors from lighting manufacturer, Lightolier.
  • Low or zero-VOC materials and finishes. Interior paint primers, base adhesives, and carpet adhesives all contained zero VOCs. VOC limits are set by Green Seal standards and the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rules #1168 and #1113.
  • All new composite wood and agrifiber millwork products are free of added urea formaldehyde.
  • The project’s furnishings, about 45%, by value, were salvaged from the firm’s previous office space including doors, glazing and file storage. Ninety-five percent of the furniture included salvaged/used furniture.
  • 22.5% of the total value of new materials have recycled content.
  • New materials were sourced locally when possible. Materials sourced within 500 miles include glazing, metal studs, drywall, and millwork. Ten percent of the materials were regionally extracted and 28 % were regionally manufactured, as a percentage of the total cost of materials used in the project.
  • The carpet is Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label Plus certified.
  • Low flow kitchen sink faucet (0.5 gpm) reduced water usage by more than 75%.
  • An Indoor Air Quality Management Plan was implemented to maintain healthy indoor air quality during construction, as the building remained occupied. All return air grilles were protected with MERV-8 filters both during construction and after occupancy. Floor protection of existing carpet was provided by the contractor and green, sweep-like products were used to minimize dust during cleanup.

LEED Certification Highlights

  • Sustainable Sites:  CCJM received 20 credit points for our location and local transportation access.
  • Water Efficiency:  CCJM received 12 credit points for very low water consuming fixtures
  • Energy and Atmosphere:  CCJM received 18 credit points for optimizing energy use through high-efficiency lighting, lighting controls, HVAC and measurement & verification metering.
  • Material and Resources:   CCJM received 6 credit points through use of salvaged and high recycled content materials.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality:  CCJM received 9 credit points through high-quality interior finishes and thermal controls.
  • Innovation in Design:  CCJM received 4 credit points for exemplary performance and low mercury lighting.


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