ISO 9001:2008 Certification

ISO-CertificationMaintaining quality in all aspects of a project while also meeting aggressive project schedules and budgets is a top priority for CCJM.

One of the most effective ways for delivering a cost-effective project is to build quality in the project and “Do it Right the First Time.” CCJM’s Quality Assurance Program is managed by Amar Bhajandas, PE, who retired from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) after serving as a District Executive and Director of Construction & Materials. In the latter position, he led PennDOT’s efforts to be among the first state transportation agencies in the nation to obtain the internationally recognized ISO 9001 certification. CCJM’s QA/QC program is certified to be ISO 9001-2008 compliant.

While ISO certification by itself does not guarantee a quality product, it does show that the firm “does what it says” in terms of QA/QC and has a QA/QC program in place that fosters continuous improvement. Our program embraces a continuous improvement approach through lessons learned from formalized “End of Project” reviews, typically within 30 days after completion of each design phase.

CCJM’s QA procedures include review of deliverables (including those of sub-consultants), stamping of documents by responsible individuals, tracking status of project reviews, communications, resolution of owner comments, control of documents, etc. QA procedures ensure confidentiality, as needed. Our QC procedures are efficient and make extensive use of standards and checklists.

At CCJM, a qualified independent professional conducts quality assurance review not only of the final deliverables but also of key intermediate products. Back checks are made to ensure that corrections have been completed. These reviews typically include an inquiry into design assumptions, applicable standards, codes, regulations and that the broader project requirements are met. The quality assurance process typically includes, wherever applicable, that the design is in conformance with the decisions made by the owner/agency. The QA process also assures that all non-waived approvals have been acquired and that all specifications are in accordance with design standards.

An annual, independent, third-party audit ensures that CCJM continues to meet international standards for quality management.  In the most recent audit, the auditor concluded:

“On the basis of the objective evidence reviewed at this assessment, it is the conclusion of the SQA Lead Auditor that the CC Johnson & Malhotra, PC management system in practice is suitable and effective in meeting ISO 9001:2008 with design requirements related to planned and achieved performance.”

While this quality program certification was for our highway and bridge design, CCJM firm wide has adopted the same means and methods to ensure consistent, high quality deliverables to our client.

“It is clear that CCJM takes the principles of ISO 9001 to heart in everything they do. Quality is a driving force. Top management believes that quality work will result in growth, and it shows. The QMS systems in place are very good and getting better. CCJM is sincerely interested in continuous improvement. All personnel interviewed demonstrated a solid commitment to quality and to meeting customer requirements.”

John Sedlak, Lead Auditor
Smithers Quality Assessments, Inc.
Surveillance Audit Report, March 2011