Kenmore Apartments Senior Housing

Location: Chicago, IL

Owner: Chicago Housing Authority

Kenmore ApartmentsKenmore ApartmentsCommissioning services throughout pre-construction, construction, acceptance and post-acceptance for 8-story, senior high rise building undergoing major renovation.

The project was designed for LEED-NC Silver and achieved LEED-NC Platinum. It is the first LEED certified building in CHA’s building portfolio. CCJM scope as Third-Party Commissioning Agent includes:

Pre-Construction Phase:

  • Develop a Commissioning Plan.
  • Review and Comment the Project’s Design Intent and Basis of Design documents (BOD).
  • Review Project documents for compliance with the Design Intent and BOD.
  • Develop commissioning requirements for the Project Specification.
  • Begin planning for verification and pre-startup checklists, functional tests, system manuals, and training requirements for building operating engineers.
  • Monitor completeness and timeliness of LEED documentation.
  • Develop Commissioning Schedule for the Project’s master project schedule.

Construction Phase:

  • Construction Phase kick-off meeting.
  • Review submittals, monitor development of Shop and Coordination Drawings.
  • Perform ongoing construction observation including regular site visits.
  • Develop, maintain and distribute Issues Log for entire project team.
  • Perform verification checks of the Pre-startup Checklists (PC’s).
  • Review Functional Performance Tests (FPT) of all major building systems.
  • Perform testing for individual system components to meet or exceed the CHA statistical sampling rates.
  • Review System Manuals.
  • Develop Commissioning Report and review System Manuals.

Post-Construction Phase:

  • Verify and review training of CHA staff and that all copies are submitted directly to the CHA.
  • Provide video documentation of training.
  • Perform 10-month site review.
  • Provide Post-Construction updates to System Manuals
  • Document original operating parameters.
  • Establish O&M benchmarks for performance.

Project Close-Out:

  • Maintain flexibility and on-site representation to facilitate the timely turn-over to Tenants.