Swabia Creek Bridge

Location: Lehigh County, PA

Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Swabia AerialSwabia Creek BridgeSwabia Creek BridgeCCJM carefully crafted the construction schedule for the Swabia Creek bridge replacement project to ensure no disturbance during the trout reproduction season and to ensure that school transportation was not interrupted.

When it came time to replace the SR 3001 Bridge over Swabia Creek in Lehigh County, CCJM carefully crafted a construction schedule that would avoid the reproduction season for the trout in this environmentally sensitive location and minimize disruption to the travelling public. In particular, replacement of this single span bridge with a single cell box culvert required a detour that would have been infeasible for school buses that used this route. The solution? … A schedule that involved varying work schedules and avoided critical calendar periods while still enabling a cost-effective construction schedule. Incentives ensured that the structure was completed on time and in budget with minimal disruption of school schedules.

CCJM’s unique approach to this special project involved careful design of the wetland avoidance plan due to the presence of naturally reproducing trout and exceptional value wetland. In addition, CCJM conceptualized an inventive roadway drainage design to avoid and protect the adjacent GOAVS 27 archaeological site. Our constructive coordination with the Department of Environmental Protection’s Northeast Region to obtain culvert permit approvals contributed to new single cell culvert guidelines in areas of environmentally sensitive streambed habitat.

Swabia Creek Bridge Schedule