University of Chicago

Henry Hinds LaboratoryThe Hinds-Cummings complex currently is served by local chillers in the Cummings Building and the Hinds Lab, which supply chilled water to Cummings, Hinds, Crerar Library and Kersten Learning Center.

The project scope is to provide chilled water capacity to Hinds, Kersten and Crerar from the University’s chilled water loop in lieu of the Cummings loop by modifying the piping at Cummings; and to convert the modified glycol CHW loop to a ‘no glycol’ loop. The Cummings chillers will be reused to supply CHW to Cummings and Kovler on an independent loop under a separate contract. The Hinds chillers will be placed into backup service. Hinds, Kersten, and Crerar will be fed CHW from the Campus loop. The modifications will create a piping bypass between the Cummings loop and the Hinds, Crerar and Kersten loop.

CCJM is providing complete commissioning services to bring the chilled water system to full operational capabilities!

  • Develop commissioning plan in conjunction with Facilities Services central plant operations, building operations and maintenance, and building automation systems groups, engineer and contractor.
  • Installation verification.
  • Prefunctional  and Functional testing.
  • Confirm proper operation with Johnson Controls and Siemens building automation systems. Provide field support for system testing, set point adjustment and performance verification.
  • Confirm proper operation of ION metering system.
  • Confirm, coordinate and participate in training to Facilities Services groups.
  • Attend construction meetings.

University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Commissioning Agent Services

CCJM is also providing commissioning services for the renovation of the Laboratory Schools. The objectives for these commissioning services are –

  • Phased Commissioning Schedule to support the phased renovation and new construction schedule.
  • Incorporate into the project design, provisions to allow the pursuit of LEED certification prerequisite “Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credit #1 Fundamental Commissioning of the Building”.
  • Incorporate into the project design, provisions to allow the pursuit of LEED certification credit “Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credit #3, “Enhanced Commissioning”.
  • Documentation and Training for operation, preventive maintenance, repair, replacement, (OMR&R) manuals and training.