Verizon Business Data Center Condition Assessment, Design and Commissioning

Location: Omaha, NE

Client: Verizon Business

Verizon Business CommissioningVerizon Business contracted CCJM to commission the mechanical and electrical systems of its 60,000 sq. ft. Data Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

The electrical system comprised 200 watts/sq. ft. for a total of 60,000 sq. ft. The commissioning tasks included:

  • Peer review of data center design
  • Commissioning plan
  • Commissioning specifications for construction team
  • Functional test procedures
  • Witness and documentation of functional tests
  • Supervision of multi-trade vendors and coordinated complete commissioning oversight, end to end

Mechanical System

The mechanical system equipment commissioned included chillers, cooling towers, primary and secondary pumps, and replacement of valves and sensors. CCJM supervised vendors, including third party vendors, in the coordination and installation of replacement parts related to the equipment mentioned. We engineered sequence of commissioning of all work to ensure redundancy and minimize any down time while the facility was fully operational.

Rebuilding and Preventative Maintenance

CCJM worked with Johnson Controls, Mainelli Mechanical and other third party vendors to supervise and direct the rebuilding and preventative maintenance on the following:

  • Three Trane 1,000 Ton Centrifugal Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Directed and reviewed shop drawings for the upgrade of pneumatic control valves to electronic valves. This improved response, reliability and energy conservation.
  • Provided a revised sequence of operation which included failure sequencing to increase redundancy
  • Directed and witnessed field testing of equipment to ensure operation matched the manufacturer’s suggested specifications. All testing was conducted while the data center was fully operational and consideration was made so that full redundancy was in place should a test fail.
  • CCJM also worked with third party vendors from Johnson Control to review test documentation performed on the primary and secondary pumps, allowing CCJM to select only the pumps that required repair, thus reducing unnecessary cost.

Test and Balance

CCJM worked with another third party vendor from Johnson Controls to conduct a complete test and balance of the mechanical system after all work was completed.

Electrical System

CCJM worked on every aspect of the electrical system, from the utility down through every last rack. We reviewed existing conditions, growth projections, installed new equipment, and reengineered the system to meet future growth. Working with the local utility, we negotiated additional capacity to the facility. Using growth projections, CCJM provided plans with contingencies to ensure capacity to meet or exceed the growth projections.

In order to increase capacity of an existing electrical system, CCJM reengineered the electrical system from a parallel iso-redundant configuration to an A and B configuration. Modifying the current configuration enabled the facility to increase the capacity while maintain redundancy.

The work also required coordination of electrical contractors to:

  • Commission two 750kVA module UPS
  • Provided test procedures for commissioning the UPS
  • Witnessed testing and reviewed commissioning results
  • Install four new 225kVA Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Provided test procedures for commissioning the PDUs
  • Witnessed testing and reviewed commissioning results
  • Commission time sequence of switching to alternate source with “zero” timing at racks and progressive timing to downstream static switches at PDU to further downstream static switches in UPS, and finally transfer switches at generator and ATO’s at utility service equipment.

Working with third party vendors, CCJM conducted an electrical audit of the electrical system in order to assess current conditions. The information gathered in this audit was used in creating a tool to assist with the organization and future installation of electrical equipment in the data center.