Wight Architects Office Build-out LEED Commissioning

Location: Chicago, IL

Wight Architects LEED CommissioningWight Architects LEED CommissioningCCJM performed all services required to fulfill the requirements of the LEED-CI Version 2.0, Fundamental Commissioning/Building Energy Systems (Energy & Atmosphere Prerequisite 1).

This included the following services:

  • Consult with the Tenant regarding the goals and requirements of the project.
  • Review the Basis of Design prepared by the MEP engineer after their review of the Owner’s Project Requirements.
  • Review the MEP drawings, to ensure compliance of all pre-requisites for energy and atmosphere.
  • Prepare a commissioning plan and specification detailing all systems to be commissioned on the project.
  • Consult  with the Tenant regarding issues which impact the constructability, cost, and feasibility of the project.
  • Conduct site observations of the general contractor and subs to ensure that work on the project progressed on-schedule and in accordance with the commissioning requirements, specifications, and the Contract Documents.
  • Review contractor submittals (concurrent with A/E review) applicable to the systems being commissioned, for compliance with the Project Requirements and the Basis of Design.
  • Monitor all commissioning scope changes during construction to ensure compliance with approved revisions, as it related to its affect on meeting the design intent of the building systems and the commissioning requirements.
  • Conduct a comprehensive final inspection of the project to verify that the building systems furnished were in accordance with the contract documents.
  • Complete a commissioning report, per LEED guideline.