Broad Creek Wastewater Pumping Station Augmentation

Location: Prince George's County, MD

Owner: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Broad Creek Wastewater Pumping StationCCJM is a major subconsultant for an extensive upgrade of the Broad Creek sanitary system to avoid sanitary sewer overflows at the WSSC Broad Creek Waste Water Pumping Station (WWPS).

The project includes evaluations, modifications, and upgrades of the following elements:

Broad Creek WWPS; including but not limited to wet well, pipe suction header(s), force main discharge header(s), and controls; 36-inch Broad Creek force main from the WWPS to the junction with the Swan Creek force main and the 42-inch joint Broad Creek WWPS and Swan Creek WWPS force main that discharges to a 54-inch gravity sewer; 54-inch gravity sewer downstream from the Broad Creek (State Highway 210) and Swan Creek force main that parallels the Indian Head Highway; 36-inch pressure sewer that delivers the flows pumped by the Broad Creek WWPS to the Piscataway Waste Water treatment plant (WWTP) headworks; Analyze the existing and future capacity (including emergency storage) during wet weather events of the Piscataway WWTP and the ability of the plant to handle future peak flows without experiencing overflows or process disruptions.

CCJM is also providing support for the alignment study for the new five mile long force main from the Broad Creek WWPS to the 54-inch gravity sewer. This area of Prince George’s County has many new residential subdivisions. The objective of the alignment study is to minimize environmental and societal impacts while providing an efficient route for the force main. We are compiling existing mapping and utility information, responsible for topographic surveys of the Broad Creek WWPS site, sites for emergency storage at the Piscataway WWTP, and the final two alignments of the new force main easements. CCJM will prepare easement descriptions for the force mains and structural engineering support.