Gude Landfill Remediation

Location: Rockville, MD

CCJM was responsible for all topographic and property line surveying to support a remediation plan at the Gude Landfill in Montgomery County.

The project included:

  • Establishment and expansion of the horizontal and vertical control networks in current State Plane values using GPS.
  • Setting of targets for aerial survey.
  • Performance of a metes and bounds survey of multiple parcels containing approximately 162 acres of land composing the Gude Landfill property.
  • Installation of permanent concrete monuments with brass disks stamped with northing, easting and elevation data at all corners along with iron rods with caps approximately every 500 feet along property line segments as needed to provide line-of-sight from one marker to the next.
  • Consolidation of the various parcels comprising the landfill into one deed description and preparation of a property mosaic as found in the metes and bounds survey.
  • Creation of a base map in both an AutoCAD format and hard copy.
  • Integration of surrounding property parcels into the survey base maps.
  • Surveyed the limit-of-waste as delineated by others (approximately 200 locations along the property boundaries).

A field survey was performed to locate site features that were not captured on the aerial survey, including:

  • Topography of open drainage features including benches, swales, downchutes and ponds.
  • Horizontal location and inverts of culverts, storm drains and pond risers.
  • Horizontal location, top of casing and ground surface elevation of existing monitoring wells.
  • Horizontal location and ground surface elevation of existing gas extraction wells and header pipe junctions.
  • Horizontal location and ground surface elevation of building corners and fences.