Potomac Water Filtration Plant Intake

Location: Montgomery County, MD

Owner: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

CCJM was a subconsultant to Montgomery Watson Harza on the feasibility study to develop and evaluate appropriate alternatives for a new submerged channel intake for Potomac Water Filtration Plant.

The evaluations included engineering, economic, environmental, permitting, operation and construction considerations.

CCJM developed by field survey bathymetric data of the Potomac River to locate areas of adequate depth for an intake; to estimate project quantities and costs including potential coffer damming requirements; and to estimate river velocities for siting the intake. CCJM was also part of the project team which developed a white paper that identified and discussed the applicable State, Federal and local permits and authorizations required to construct and operate the new submerged intake channel.

CCJM assisted WSSC’s Communications Manager in developing and administrating strategies for the Public Outreach Program. These surveys were initially presented to the Project Review Group and then implemented at the public meetings. CCJM designed and developed meeting materials, assisted in setup and preparation of the public meetings, and attended the public meetings.