O’Hare Modernization: South Airfield Lighting Control Vault

Location: O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

As sub-consultant to McDonough Associates, CCJM assisted in the development of a new South Airfield Lighting Control Vault to replace the existing vault which conflicts with the relocation of Runway 10C-28C and taxiway system.

This new facility include power for all existing and proposed runways and pump stations. A new multi-level regulator and city service building with attached 6MW generator building is designed to meet the load.

Part of this scope included miles of electrical banks to serve all pump stations, tunnel fan rooms and airport lighting and accessory loads, and fiber optic runs to connect all terminals for airport wide communication. This is the backbone of all data communications at the airport.

Both the North and South Airfield Lighting Control Vaults were equipped with emergency generators and associated 25,000 gallon underground fuel tank system. The underground fuel tank system and associated piping was designed to support critical emergency power for airfield lighting.

CCJM provided 5KW power distribution for all electric services (existing and proposed expansion), runway lighting and lighting control system for new, retrofitted and existing runways.

CCJM was also involved in cathodic protection system design for underground fuel tank system and piping to prevent corrosion.