Chicago Public School: Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School (renamed from Avondale School)

Location: Chicago, IL

Owner: Chicago Public Schools

Architect: SMNG-A

fedricoThe Federico Garcia Lorca Elementary School (renamed from Avondale), a CPS C-shaped prototype school in the Avondale/Irving Park community in Chicago, IL, is a 104,709 sq.ft. three story K-8 elementary school.

CCJM worked closely with SMNG-A on this LEED project with numerous energy saving features including high efficiency mechanical systems, a vegetated roof, recycled materials, a bio-swale, daylighting controls and solar shading louvers controls for all classroom lighting and integrated occupancy sensors that turn off lighting and sets back HVAC when rooms aren’t occupied. The team investigated various design strategies for the most economical and energy efficient solution for this large LEED certified school.

The school’s high efficiency HVAC design began with a concerted effort to ensure a high performance building envelope with extra insulation and glazing with the best available U-values and low-E coatings to ensure the mechanical systems could be as small as possible. Once the optimal system sizing was established, the components were selected to ensure superior efficiency that balanced performance with first cost. The net result was a system that was 20% better than the baseline ASHRAE 90.1-2004 system.

One of the key HVAC design features was to include a perimeter hydronic radiant panel system that decoupled the perimeter heating load from interior classroom loads. The radiant panels provided exceptional comfort along the perimeter occupied zone.

The project attained a high degree of lighting controllability through motion sensors and active lighting controls through photocells that react to ambient room lighting levels and adjust artificial lighting output to maintain setpoint level. This proven strategy for enhanced lighting control met dual criteria for energy savings as well as user satisfaction.

Combined with DCV at the system level and high-efficiency T5 lighting integrated with daylighting controls, the building achieved significant energy savings noted above.

The project design received a Citation of Excellence Award from Learning By Design, a national educational publication!