Abstract Sculpture Relocation

Location: 540 W Madison, Chicago


CCJM performed innovative structural analysis to guide the lifting and relocation of a nearly 30 foot tall, and 10,000lb cast aluminum abstract art sculpture.

In order to accommodate changing uses for an interior lobby space at 540 W Madison, CCJM was consulted for the relocation of a massive art sculpture. The art sculpture’s irregular and top heavy shape, as well as the limited access provided by the interior and in use lobby space, presented unique structural engineering challenges. CCJM worked directly with the contractor, MTH, to develop a sequence for upturning and relocating the sculpture while maintaining safe distances from the existing structure and keeping any induced point loads on the structural slab below maximum allowable live loads.

Included in this project scope was the determination of the suitability of relocating the sculpture to an outside location. CCJM performed structural engineering analysis to confirm the sculpture’s ability to resist overturning due to heavy wind loading.

CCJM provided cost effective structural engineering for our client and this uniquely challenging project was completed without complication.

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Isaac Gaetz, SE, PE, LEED AP

Structural Engineer/Project Manager

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