Roof Evaluations

ROOF4CCJM has performed many detailed structural roof evaluations across the state of Illinois.

Many roof evaluations are required post major wind and hail storm events. CCJM recognizes this fact and understands that clients need both rapid and accurate reports to begin the process of filing insurance claims and repairing their properties.

CCJM evaluates residential and commercial roofs using industry accepted guidelines and provides clear, consistent and comprehensive reports of the condition of the roof including noting all defects observed in both text and images. Whenever possible, CCJM roof evaluations provide both the causes and indication of observed defects and recommendations for repair/replacement of the roof and associated elements, such as flashing, chimneys, siding, etc.

CCJM can perform roof evaluations on short notice, and has a track record of excellent client communication and timely completion of roof evaluation reports.

For more additional information, please contact:

Isaac Gaetz, SE, PE, LEED AP

Structural Engineer/Project Manager

Tel: (312) 669-0609, ext.118

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