Willits Luxury Condominium

Location: Birmingham, MI


CCJM provided structural engineering inspection and analysis services of the existing 2 story underground parking garage, exterior alley, and first floor retail spaces.

Inspection services included an evaluation of the existing concrete structural slabs on grade, elevated slabs, walls and columns for cracking and other defects. CCJM provided a comprehensive report of all observed conditions, indication of the likely causes and results of the observations and recommendations for repairs and ongoing maintenance procedures.

Analysis performed included the evaluation of the existing first floor concrete slabs, beams and columns for a new tenant occupancy live load from a jeweler. The Jeweler client intended to load their tenant space with five large safes. These five safes weigh approximately 4,000lbs each and required careful evaluation to ensure the existing structure was not overloaded.

Project Highlights

  • Structural Inspection of an existing reinforced concrete framed structure
  • Structural Analysis of existing structure for change of occupancy and new loading

For more additional information, please contact:

Isaac Gaetz, SE, PE, LEED AP

Structural Engineer/Project Manager

Tel: (312) 669-0609, ext.118

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