Capital Business Center


Capital Business Center

CCJM prepared a Land Development Plan for two new warehouse buildings on a 100 acre site located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that once served as the Olmstead Air Force Base. Three existing warehouse buildings were also renovated at this site.

Subdivision and land development for construction of a 350,000 square foot warehouse, including: culvert relocation analysis, grading and drainage design, stormwater management, erosion and sediment pollution control, water and sewer connection design, sewer planning module, access road design, parking and access drive layout. Also included was the subdivision plan and field survey to subdivide a 9 acre parcel from a 109 acre industrial tract.

The subdivision plan created a third parcel out of a total area of 100 acres. Also, two land development plans for new warehouse building, one of which will be 300,000 square feet and the other 200,000 square feet. Work items included survey, stormwater management, erosion control, sewer design, and planning modules, access road design, and preparation of a landscaping plan for the 100 acre business park.

Each warehouse parcel involved pavement design and roadway design for tractor trailer maneuvering, car and truck parking, access drives and a stormwater management design and permitting. All stormwater management facilities were designed to serve as sediment basins during construction.

Building access was ADA compliant. Pedestrian (employees) safety issues were also taken into account during the design to minimize the hazards of truck traffic.

Additional approvals from other agencies included

  • Highway occupancy permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.
  • Planning Module from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
  • NPDES (General Permit) from the County Conservation district.