DC Formal Agreement #462-WSA Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) – Infrastructure XIV

DCFA #462C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C. (CCJM) is the sub consultant providing surveying services for water and wastewater design tasks throughout the District of Columbia. The main objective was to locate sections of exposed sewer pipe and manholes compromised by stream bank erosion that were in need of being repaired or rerouted. All surveying and mapping conform with DC Water Standards and the DC Water Project Design Manual. Project control is tied to existing horizontal and vertical control per DC Water Standards. Street, Square, and lot lines are shown per GIS information. National Park boundary markers were located and the data was forwarded to the National Park Service for their use. Manhole data collected during the survey included a center location and elevation of the manhole cover, adjacent ground elevation if raised lid, as well as all pipe inverts with pipe diameters, pipe material, and orientation. Some of the features located during the survey were exposed pipe segments, stream thalweg, stream banks, hiking trails, and other utilities crossing the sewer line of interest. The majority of the sewer lines run along or through National Parks in the District of Columbia. While surveying in and around National Parks we were restricted from cutting or harming any vegetation, leaving flagging hanging from vegetation, and all control points within the park boundaries had to be removed when the survey was completed. Research to discover DC Water legal rights, easements, or right-of-ways within the National Parks was performed at the DC Surveyors Office, DC Recorder of Deeds, DC Archives, National Archives, and the National Park Service.


  • Klingle Valley, Normanstone, Dumbarton Oaks Sewer Rehabilitation Project – CCJM performed a 200’ wide topographic route survey along three sewer systems covering 110 acres.
  • Battery Kimble Sewer Replacement Project – CCJM located manholes, exposed pipes, and boundary markers along the old Washington–Great Falls Electric Railroad right-of-way and along the stream through Battery Kimble Park.
  • Sheila’s Tributary – CCJM performed a topographic survey of 1000’ of roadway survey and 1500’ along Sheila Tributary, including data to perform HEC-RAS Modeling of the canyon, covering 5 acres.
  • Watts Branch Sewer Rehabilitation Project – CCJM completed a two tier survey for this project. The lower tier included locating and investigating 123 manholes. The higher tier included six areas of detailed topographic survey where excavation was required to repair pipes.
  • Spring Valley Creek Crossings – CCJM located and investigated 13 manholes and performed a detailed survey along 600’ of the sewer line. This survey also included locating equipment collecting data on stream