DNCR Statewide Engineering Contract

DCNR Landrus Road Culvert with AMD treatment pipesCCJM’s agile performance was demonstrated in this contract with projects across Pennsylvania, from the southeast along the Delaware River, to the Ohio State Line. A wide range of projects was completed from bridges to buildings and docks to walls. The 21 Work Orders included numerous structural replacements requiring a compressed 9-month design schedule.

Fifteen box culverts and three ConSpan® arches were designed for this contract. All culverts were depressed into the streambed and covered with native streambed material allowing for fish migration and native trout reproduction. Design challenges included preservation of an Acid Mine Drainage treatment system and specialized consDCNR Cuttalossa Culvert under Canal Construction 1truction techniques to avoid impacting an Exceptional Value Wetland complex.

Upper Limeport DCNR BridgeRehabilitation of three bridges along the historic Delaware Canal required extensive coordination with the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission. This coordination produced contextualized designs with period specific architectural finishes that now provide safe passage over the Canal. A fourth structure on the Delaware Canal, a culvert conveying Cuttalossa Creek underneath both the Canal and the towpath, included a stone masonry finish that mimicked the rock found in the original structure. During removal of the third bridge over superstructure, a large crack in the abutment developed. CCJM quickly designed a new abutment and the project remained on schedule.

DCNR Lick Hollow CulvertsA number of sites bordered habitats for Threatened and Endangered species requiring coordination to minimize impacts. Tree cutting restrictions to protect endangered bats and excavation restrictions to protect breeding fish plus restrictions for wild trout breeding waters and stocked streams created challenges to the construction schedule. CCJM successfully obtained permits with little to no comments from issuing agencies allowing construction to be completed in a timely manner and within any natural resource restrictions.

Other designs in this contract included

  • Rehabilitation of marina buildings and design of a breakwater with floating docks meeting current ADA requirements
  • Design of a 75′ long soldier pile wall in an area of slope failure
  • Design of rock protection along a stream embankment preventing loss of a roadway
  • Rehabilitation of an aqueduct and towpath (National Historic Landmarks) over Buck Creek in a Historic District.