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CCJM provides Commissioning and Start-up services throughout a project’s lifecycle. Where CCJM is not the engineer of record, we offer fully enhanced independent commissioning services throughout the design process. Commissioning Processes are offered for our Buildings & Facilities, Energy, Smart Technology, and Water/Wastewater services.


Overhead picture of the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant.Design Phase:

  • Review each Design Submittal for:
    • Constructability
    • Reliability
    • Maintainability
    • Ease of Operation
    • Efficiency
  • Review Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Ensure Basis of Design meets finalized Owner’s Project Requirements
  • Coordinate Proposed Commissioned Systems

Construction Phase:

  • Develop Commissioning Plan to Schedule and Coordinate Commissioning Events
  • Review Equipment Submittals for Contract Compliance and Adequacy.
  • Develop Pre-Functional Checklists for System Equipment.
  • Develop A Start-Up Plan for Each Major Piece of System Equipment.
  • Witness Required Third-Party Testing
  • Review Contract-Required Test Reports
  • Maintain a Log Documenting All Commissioning Issues and Resolutions
  • Develop Integrated Functional Testing Process for All Cx Systems
  • Verification of Special Warranties for Commissioned Systems and Equipment
  • Supervision of Contractor Integrated Functional Testing:
    • Testing of System through the Full Range of Parameters
    • Simulation of Different Event Scenarios
    • Verification of Process Settings
    • Document Issues and Results of Functional Testing
  • Management of Contractor’s Training Program:
    • Review Contractor’s Training Agenda
    • Witness Training
    • Instruct Operators on Start-up and Shutdown Procedures
    • Ensure Maintenance Personnel are Fully Trained
    • Instruction for operational start-up
    • Ensure Training Sessions are Recorded

Post-Construction Phase:

  • Develop and Submit Commissioning Report Including:
    • Project Description
    • Lists of Commissioned Systems and Processes Utilized
    • Documentation of Pre-functional and Functional Testing
    • Final Approved Submittal for each Piece of Commissioned Equipment
    • Final Approved Commissioning Schedule
    • Cx Issues/Resolution Log
    • All Special Warranties
    • Development of Asset Registry for Commissioned Systems and Equipment and Entry into Customer’s Preferred Database
    • Scheduled Seasonal Commissioning and Testing through the Warranty Period

Picture of the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant

Additional Services:

  • Start-up and Operation of Wastewater Processes by W5A Certified Operators
  • Operations and Maintenance Training
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Develop Maintenance Procedure Sheets
  • Engineer’s O&M Manuals
  • Enter Process Equipment into Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Perform Loop Testing and Verification of Loop Drawings
  • Perform Verification and Commissioning of Process Control Control System
    • Automatic Control Strategies
    • HMI Configuration
    • Alarm Configuration

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