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Smart Technology

As we work towards a more sustainable world, CCJM helps by providing a broad portfolio of Smart Technology Solutions. With our holistic, integrative approach, we offer environmentally responsible, technically advanced, sustainable solutions that make our communities more resource-efficient, livable, and economically competitive. With the trend of urbanization approaching and the scarcity of resources, our highly experienced staff provide innovative solutions for the betterment of our communities, striving for a more sustainable world.

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Our Expertise includes:

Smart Buildings

  • Energy-Efficient, Net-Zero Buildings
  • Low Carbon Footprint Facilities
  • Sustainable Building Design (LEED)
  • Water-Neutral Buildings
  • Advanced IT Infrastructure
  • Smart Power and Energy Management Systems

Smart Cities & Neighborhoods

  • Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Green Neighborhood Development
  • Zero Emission Planning
  • Water Neutrality and Net Zero Energy Planning
  • Energy Efficiency and Resource Efficiency Strategies
  • Sustainable Master Planning
  • Sustainable Building and Infrastructure Design

Smart Transportation

  • Sustainable Road Traffic Solutions and Road Dieting
  • Walkable Neighborhood Design
  • Traffic Demand Management
  • “Complete Streets” Design

Smart Water Management

  • Water Neutral Buildings
  • Wastewater Reduction
  • Water Reclamation and Recycling/Reuse Systems
  • Waste and Wastewater Energy Generation
  • Green Stormwater Management Strategies
  • Permeable Surfaces, Bioswales, and Living Walls
  • Rain Harvesting Systems

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