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Harford Community College project

Smart Technology

Harford Community College WWTP

New Wastewater Treatment Plant

Provided a new SCADA system designed to monitor and control a new wastewater treatment plant for Harford Community college. Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) required the college to install a wastewater treatment plant to reduce nitrate levels in groundwater from aged septic tanks and drain fields. Sewage lift stations at campus buildings were upgraded and provided with SCADA PLC and local automatic controls. Complete control of the treatment plant is provided by plant OEM control PLC, which is also connected to the SCADA network.

SCADA system is comprised of ten nodes including SCADA master, lift stations, treatment plant, and deep trench effluent discharge system. Some OEM process equipment was provided and interfaced with the SCADA system. The client requested the use of an existing licensed VHF radio frequency for system communication. A radio path study was conducted during design to establish the required antenna height and transmitter power at each remote station.

Project Cost: $3,200,000

Harford Community College project

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