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Telemetry/Alarm City of Baltimore project

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Telemetry/Alarm and Control Instrumentation

City of Baltimore Department of Public Works

Designed a comprehensive and fully-featured Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the City of Baltimore Water Distribution Section. The scope of the project included work at more than fifty sites, including pump stations, treatment plants, elevated tanks, reservoirs and flow metering vaults for the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, and portions of five other counties that surround the City.

The system is comprised of a Local Area Network (LAN) at the City’s Telemetry Control Center (TCC) that includes Modicon Momentum Polling Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) that manage communications from and to the remote sites. GE Proficy/Intellution Human Machine Interface (HMI) software runs on redundant servers and ten operator and manager workstations at the TCC. Modular and redundant components are utilized at the TCC to minimize impact to the system in the event of a single component failure. Modicon Momentum and Quantum PLCs are utilized at remote facilities.

The project also required the design and installation of instrumentation at all of the remote sites, modification of the existing pump controls and motor control centers to facilitate remote control, design of the automatic control algorithms to operate the unmanned pumping stations, and provision of microprocessor-based programmable logic controllers (PLC) and communication equipment at all of the sites. Critical alarm monitoring, including chlorine leak annunciation at several pumping stations, is also provided. Hardwired backup systems were included to maintain pump station operation during PLC failures. Backup battery systems were designed and installed at all remote sites to maintain PLC and radios/modems during utility power outages.

Project Cost: $3,900,000

Telemetry/Alarm City of Baltimore project
Telemetry/Alarm City of Baltimore project

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