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Maryland Wastewater Treatment project

Smart Technology

Maryland Correctional Institute

Hagerstown Wastewater Treatment Plant

Maryland Correctional Institution, Hagerstown, MD has a dedicated wastewater treatment plant of 1 million gallons per day (MGD) capacity that discharges into the Potomac River. An Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) project for the plant was designed and constructed, beginning in 2016. Denitrification filters were added and other process improvements were made under this project. The plant is operated for the State of Maryland by Maryland Environmental Service (MES).

A complete SCADA system for the entire plant was designed for this project. The SCADA system integrates plant control and instrumentation into a plant-wide control system. The existing plant controls were local to the various process areas with recording and alarming in the Plant Superintendent’s Office via hard-wired annunciators. A plant-wide fiber optic network was also designed and installed for the new system.

Project Cost: $12,000,000

Maryland Wastewater Treatment project

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