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Building with many windows

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540 West Madison

Smart Office Building

This project includes one of the most technologically advanced office buildings in downtown Chicago. The property was designed to offer multiple levels of redundancy for critical systems spanning everything from utility feeds, ComEd substations, generator plant, chiller plants, and life safety systems.

Energy Efficiency: The building interior offers a raised-floor low voltage power and HVAC delivery system throughout tenant floors. The energy-efficient, under-floor air distribution system allows airflow to rise naturally from the ground and pick up heat as it goes.

Smart Systems: The integrated smart systems include a state-of-the-art Johnson Controls energy management and building automation system. The system is truly integrated with fire alarm, power, and lighting controls for total interoperability and optimization.

Water Efficiency: The installation of a rainwater harvesting irrigation system eliminates the need to use potable water for irrigation in order to reduce water consumption. Rainwater is collected in storage tanks located in the garage and the 6th-floor roof garden and feeds the irrigation lines already in place.

Project Cost: $3,767,000

540 West project photo
540 West project photo
540 West project photo

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