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Amtrak project


Amtrak Keystone Corridor Irishtown Road

Irishtown Road, PennDOT District 8-0

This project is for the removal of an at-grade railroad crossing along Irishtown Road in East Lampeter and Leacock Townships, Lancaster County.

This project, located in a rural setting with agricultural and residential land uses in the heart of Lancaster County’s prime farm country, was part of an initiative to remove the remaining at-grade railroad crossings along the Amtrak Keystone Corridor in anticipation of a high-speed rail connection between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. CCJM‘s innovative solution involved eliminating the crossing and constructing 1.5 miles of new roadway connecting the existing roadway network on respective sides of the rail line.

Careful coordination among local officials, Amtrak personnel, adjacent landowners and citizen groups, including the Amish Second Mennonite Community, was essential for a successful project. Issues raised during the extensive public coordination were handled during Final Design, resulting in a project that benefited the surrounding community.

Project Cost: $625,000

Amtrak project
Amtrak project

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