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Miscellaneous Engineering Services

This agreement is for the Energy Performance for 30-story, 422,000 GSF World Trade Center (WTC) building includes plumbing upgrades, renovations of the chiller plant, new boiler plant, harbor sink system and cooling towers, various HVAC and plumbing upgrades at Dundalk Marine Terminal, and South Locust Point Marine Terminal. CCJM provided key on-site Mechanical Inspector to ensure construction compliance with all contract documents; quality assurance and quality control program; review of contract documents.

The WTC chiller plant, with a capacity of 1,900 tons of cooling, underwent renovation work to replace two of three existing chillers. Converted the existing constant flow chilled water system to a variable primary and secondary chilled water flow system, served by two new variable capacity centrifugal chillers.

The WTC boiler plant, with a 16,400 MBh replaced the existing district steam heating system with nine condensing boilers serving the heating and domestic hot water demand and a steam boiler for building humidification.

Installation of Harbor heat sink plant in the WTC to replace existing condenser water open loop circulation through cooling towers, with a closed-loop condenser water system, utilizing plate heat exchangers.

Project Cost: $14,000,000

MPA project picture
MPA project picture

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