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Market Street Project


Market Street Bridge

SR 452, Section 03S, PennDOT District 6-0

This severely deteriorated 654 ft bridge over an electrified railway and local streets was replaced with a 343 ft four-span continuous, pre-stressed concrete spread box beam bridge. Extraordinary and careful planning by CCJM, PennDOT and FHWA during design along with extensive coordination with local officials, adjacent landowners, utility owners, and AMTRAK/SEPTA personnel were integral to the successful execution of this project.

CCJM‘s design reduced the total span length to 343 ft while providing the required clearance over the rail line by utilizing T-wall retaining wall structures along all four sides of the approach roadway. The bridge parapets included architectural treatment on each side with structure-mounted light poles and a sound barrier wall. A utility bay is provided under the bridge.

In addition to the bridge replacement, the project involved: reconstruction and 3R improvements of all adjacent intersecting streets, extensive drainage and stormwater facilities, railroad electrification modification, and numerous utility relocations. Two ADA-compliant access stairways and ramps will be constructed for accessing the SEPTA platforms below the bridge. In total, 26 ADA curb ramps in 7 intersections were designed. The design incorporated phased construction to keep the existing bridge operational until the new bridge is complete. Pedestrian traffic and SEPTA access are maintained and protected during construction.

Project Cost: $24,000,000

Market Street Project
Market Street Project
Market Street Project

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