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McWilliams Trail Bridge project


McWilliams Trail Bridge


The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Forest District #18 replaced (“the Blue Bridge”) at McWilliams Trail over the South Branch of Roaring creek with a modern concrete structure and stone façade. The new bridge will provide heavy hauling access to the north side of the Roaring Creek Tract.

The C.Q. McWilliams Picnic Area is located on the Roaring Creek Tract in southern Northumberland County. Access to the site requires a 4-mile walk or bike ride from the valley visitor parking areas that provide access to Roaring Creek Trail. The area includes a covered pavilion near the picturesque McWilliams Reservoir.

Weiser State Forest, Roaring Creek tract located north of the borough of Mt. Carmel bounded on either side by parallel mountain ridges. This is a watershed through which Roaring Creek runs. Which is known as the McWilliams Reservoir, largest of the three. This certified “Well Managed” forest offers all sorts of recreational uses including hiking, biking, hunting, fishing (catch/release), canoeing, kayaking, wildlife watching, nature study, cross country skiing on nearly 40 miles of shared-use trails.

Project Cost: $670,000

McWilliams Trail Bridge project

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