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WMATA bridge project


WMATA Bridge Inspection

Aerial Structure Inspection

C. C. Johnson & Malhotra, P. C. (CCJM) is part of the team that performed the routine annual bridge safety inspections of WMATA’s 15+ miles of aerial structures and baseline inspection of newly constructed Silver Line aerial structures supporting their electrified rail system. These complex structures consist of concrete decks over steel plate girders, steel box girders, post-tensioned precast concrete segmental girders, and precast AASHTO box and bulb tee girders. Work includes the NBIS hands-on inspection and documentation of bridge substructures, superstructures and decks, and employs fracture critical inspection techniques and confined space operations, when needed. This task includes night work, lockout/tagout de-energizing of rails, dye penetrant testing of cracks in tension areas of fracture critical members, and generation of defect reports for critical findings. High Reach, Aspen Aerial and Catenary Maintenance vehicles are used to reach structural members. Load rating analyses are performed when deterioration, damage or fatigue may have caused a reduction in the structure’s load carrying capacity. Reports included observations, documented with digital photographs, and maintenance recommendations. Coordination of traffic control and with RWICs are critical components of this project. 

Agreement Amount: $2,000,000

WMATA bridge project
WMATA bridge project
WMATA bridge project
Bridge map

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