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DC Sanitary Water Project


DC Sanitary Pumping Station Rehabilitations

Rehabilitation of Three Sanitary Pumping Stations

CCJM was appointed by the D.C. Water & Sewer Authority as the prime consultant for rehabilitating the Rock Creek, Upper Anacostia and Earl Place Pumping Stations in Washington, D.C. Each pumping station’s structural integrity, mechanical equipment, electrical and instrumentation systems, HVAC, and plumbing systems were evaluated to determine whether the systems met current codes and how to improve the stations to provide another 20 years of service.

Rock Creek Pumping Station:

The Rock Creek Pumping station has three pumps with three separate suction wells and was originally designed to pump a maximum flow of 60 mgd. Due to hydraulic constrictions was limited to 43 mgd. But the upgraded pumping station provides a firm capacity of 50 mgd.

Upper Anacostia Pumping Station:

The Station has three 40 HP pumps each with a 5 mgd capacity at TDH of 30.3 feet. The average daily flow rate, however, was only 1.6 mgd with wet weather increasing flow rates to 6.3 mgd. The existing pumping station needed significant renovation and it was determined that a submersible pumping station would be more cost-effective since no structural changes will have to be performed.

Earl Place Pumping Station:

The Station rehabilitation included new pumps, piping, valves, controls and HVAC replacement, and a trash basket installed in the wet well. The discharge force main was replaced during the pumping station 

DC Sanitary Water Project
DC Sanitary Water Project

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