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Patapsco WWTP Project


SC-926 Patapsco WWTP

Electrical Distribution System Vulnerability Assessment Improvement Design

CCJM has the honor of providing plant-wide design and constructional services to Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant which improved reliability by replacing equipment for electrical and control improvements. Prepared load flow, short circuit and arc flash studies using ETAP software to study and analyze the plant’s entire electrical distribution system.

Electrical services include: 

  • Provision of new underground duct banks for separation of medium and low voltage power distributions.
  • Replacement of aged electrical distribution equipment and New standby power generators, new lightning protection for outdoor electrical infrastructure.
  • Added a third 33 KV feeder from the local electric utility.
  • Developed extensive phasing plan including standby diesel generators.

Instrumentation & Controls services include

  • Designed hazardous gas systems for several facilities to alert and protect operators from toxic gases.
  • Designed pure oxygen reactors with an interlock system to shut down equipment on detection of elevated levels of explosive gases.
  • Monitoring of the plant-wide electrical system on the existing ABB DCS
  • Installing new meters in each piece of switchgear and fiber optic links from the meters to the DCS controllers and remote I/O enclosures.
  • Expanding the existing card reader system infrastructure throughout the plant.
  • Installing Fiber optic cable throughout the plant for voice over IP telephone system.

State/Civil services include

  • Designing special testing and handling procedures for the existing chromium contaminated soil excavation.
  • Manholes, test pits, and coordination with existing underground utilities.
  • Installing a network of collection pits, pumping stations, underground piping, and sump pumps in manholes.
  • Designing erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater management practices.

Architectural Services Include:

  • Construction of a new 1855 GSF masonry structure for Distribution Center 6 (DC-6) at Grit Facilities.
  • Addition of an A 2730 GSF masonry to the plant and 700 GSF outdoor metal canopy to protect new DC-4 at Liquid Oxygen Facility.
  • Renovation of main substation building for additional switchgears.
Patapsco WWTP Project
Patapsco WWTP Project
Patapsco WWTP Project

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