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WC #1120 Guilford Pumping Station Rehabilitation

Department of Public Water, Bureau of Water & Wastewater

The Guilford Pumping Station is a water pumping station that was built in 1930 and has been upgraded numerous times since then. The objective of this was to evaluate the station, identify necessary improvements to the building, site, mechanical and electrical equipment and make recommendations for a future upgrade. C.C. Johnson & Malhotra, P.C. (CCJM) was responsible for the topographic survey of the site, complete site design including urban BMP’s for stormwater quality and quantity management, a hazardous materials survey of the building, and conceptual design of the HVAC systems as part of a feasibility study to upgrade the Guilford Pumping Station.

A new and innovative HVAC system was recommended. The existing equipment, primarily the motor control center, occasionally overheated on hot days. A new 26,400 CFM dehumidification system was designed using the DX air-cooled and water-cooled spot cooler coils using water being pumped through the station. 24-ton air conditioning units for the electrical room with N+1 redundancy. Non-corrosive HVAC equipment and ductwork for Hypochlorite Storage and Pump Room.

The project includes the construction of a new Electrical and Hypochlorite Building.

Project Cost: $18,900,000

Guilford project building
Guilford project building
Guilford project interior

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